The step that
makes VR real

Walking is most natural to us

People trying virtual reality for the first time will often try to walk, yet this type of input is not supported by any VR platform. We offer a plugin for the Unity engine that enables walking in place, which lets you efficiently navigate virtual environments using your feet and removes the need for a controller or additional sensors.


Studies show VR-step is more immersive than using auto-walk or controller based input, while being just as efficient for navigation.


VR-step uses sensors that are ubiquitous in smartphones and it works with any VR smartphone adapter.

Reduce Sim-sickness

Studies have shown that walking-in-place can reduce or avoid simulation sickness, as it generates proprioceptive feedback.

Download Gravity Pull for Android or iOS; a free puzzle game that demonstrates VR step.


We are a small self-funded startup in Reno, Nevada

Eelke Folmer


Sam Tregillus



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