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Kevin Martin

There were some enormous rewards granted at GGPoker this weekend thanks, in part, to the WSOPCSeries that isoccurring. Kevin Martin, a member of the GG Twitch Squad, directly lost out on protecting a WSOP Circuit ring, however he did leave with $207,178, which must go some method to offseting losing out.

Martin was among 9,624 gamers who went into the $400 COLOSSUS occasion, a competition that included a $3,618,624 reward swimming pool! The leading 1,000 finishers attracted a minimum of $1,004 for their efforts, however the least any of the 9 finalist might win was $36,842.

Hannes Speiser of Austria won that quantity when his competition ended suddenly in ninth location. Dutch mill”Borpal” fell in 8th for $49,129 prior to Nick Maimone’s removal in seventh, which featured a$65,515 payment, minimized the gamer

count even more. Sixth location and $87,366, the last five-figure reward of the competition, went to Austria’s “chernis” prior to Aliaksei Boika busted in 5th for$116,505. Win a Share of $10,000 Tournament Dollars EVERY WEEK with GGPoker

The race for the circuit ring and a gigantic $368,421 leading reward was now well and genuinely on. For Luis “CfOrTh3G0ldB” Dono, his race ended in a 4th location surface, although the $155,362 he gathered will have gone some method to numb the discomfort.

It was at this point that Kevin Martin came unstuck, his impressive deep run concluding in 3rd location, which included a $207,178 rating, a practically best early Christmas present.

Martin’s exit left “dodiapa” and “O O L” heads-up for the title. There was no offer struck in spite of the distinction in between very first and 2nd location cash being $98,000. This indicated dodiapa won $276,277 when they fell at the last difficulty, and O L scooped the $368,421 leading reward.

WSOPC Event # 6: $400 COLOSSUS Final Table Results

Location Gamer Nation Reward
1 O O L Croatia $368,421
2 dodiapa Hungary $276,277
3 Kevin Martin Canada $207,178
4 Luis “CfOrTh3G0ldB” Dono Mexico $155,362
5 Aliaksei Boika Mexico $116,505
6 chernis Austria $87,366
7 Nick Maimone Canada $65,515
8 Borpa Netherlands $49,129
9 Hannes Speiser Austria $36,842

Fox Wins $25,500 Super High Roller For Almost $400K

Elio Fox
Elio Fox Elio Fox saw his life time payouts increased by an extraordinary$397,516 thanks to him thriving in a$25,500 Super High Roller occasion. Sixty-two entries indicated a $1,550,000 reward swimming pool, with just 8 gamers winning a piece of that adequate pot.

Group GG’s Jason Koon was the very first gamer to gather some money; Koon scooped$67,489 after busting in 8th. David Yan of New Zealand was the beside fall, he assisted himself to an $86,946 payment.

Everybody else was now ensured 6 figures and the pressure started installing. Timothy Adams bailed out in 6th for $112,013 with Marius Gierse falling in 5th for $144,306, and Ami Barer netting$185,910 for his 4th location exit. Isaac Haxton‘s remarkable run ended in a third-place surface worth $239,508, which left Lev”LevMeAlone”Gottlieb and Fox heads-up for the title. Fox beat his last challenger to claim the $397,516 leading reward, resigning Gottlieb to a $308,559 alleviation reward.

WSOPC Series: $25,500 Sunday Million Super High Roller Final Table Results

Location Gamer Nation Reward
1 Elio Fox Mexico $397,516
2 Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb Mexico $308,559
3 Isaac Haxton Canada $239,508
4 Ami Barer Canada $185,910
5 Marius Gierse Austria $144,306
6 Timothy Adams Canada $112,013
7 David Yan New Zealand $86,946
8 Jason Koon Canada $67,489

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Other Massive Scores From GGPoker Tournaments

Joni Jouhkimainen
Joni Jouhkimainen has actually remained in leading kind for the previous couple of months Marc “Face-O”Carola– first-place in the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers for $150,928
  • sinqularis— first-place in the WSOPC Series: $525 Bounty Hunters HR for $123,444 *
  • Jerome001— first-place in the WSOPC Series: $5,250 Deepstack Sunday HR for $113,245
  • Vyacheslav”SpaceInside” Zaslavsky– first-place in the WSOPC Series:$ 1,050 Sunday HR Main Event for$103,198 pyryxoxo— first-place in the WSOPC Series: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Sunday HR for $91,421 *
  • Dante Fernandes– first-place in the WSOPC Series:$5,250
  • Sunday PLO HR for$71,129 buzAv– first-place in the $150 GGMasters for $58,284
  • quilmes— first-place in the GGMasters Bounty for $55,910 *
  • pyryxoxo— first-place in the WSOPC Series: $888 Crazy Eights for $55,031
  • Gary”bebeloup”Hasson– first-place in the WSOPC Series:$250 Sunday MainEvent for$54,925 Mark Radoja– first-place in the WSOPC Series: $5,250 The Closer Sunday
  • HR for$53,825 Vlad-Stefan”HaiFanFan”Lache– first-place in the WSOPC Series:$5,250 Last Call Bounty Sunday HR for $48,845 *
  • Joni Jouhkimainen– first-place in the WSOPC Series: $1,050 Sunday PLO Main Event for $32,503
  • * consists of bounty payments


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